Weinland Park Community Civic Association Steering Committee —May 2, 2018


  • Evelyn van Til
  • Georgina Stevenson
  • Ed Chin
  • Steve Sterrett
  • Omar Elhagmusa
  • Laura Bidwa
  • Lydia Yoder
  • Susan Colbert

Steering Committee Retreat Proposal

Omar Elhagmusa began the meeting with a proposal to plan a meeting/retreat for members of the steering committee and other involved groups and individuals to meet and discuss more in depth what long-term, sustainable goals we can create for the WPCCA and the steering committee. Omar plans to send a link for a Doodle poll to get consensus on a time that would work for Steering Committee members to meet for a retreat, but ideally the retreat will happen sometime in between now and the next steering committee meeting. Omar and Laura will send out more details regarding the retreat.

Change in time of Steering Committee meetings

The Steering Committee discussed changing from meeting the first Wednesday of the month to meeting the second Tuesday of the month. Laura proposed that the time of the Housing Committee meeting change from second Monday of the month to a different time to space out the number of WPCCA related meetings, and making the Steering Committee meetings happen the second Tuesdays of the month. All present at the meeting were in favor of this change. Tuesday, June 12, 2018 is the next scheduled Steering Committee meeting. Location of the Steering Committee meeting is to be determined; Omar will reach out to Northside Library to see about holding meetings there in the future.

Financial Report

Steve Sterrett shared that about $5000 remains in the WPCCA budget for the year. The budget for the Weinland Park Festival (Saturday, August 18) is uncertain, but the projected expenses for the festival are $3,400, but this is dependent upon Kroger and other food donations.Therefore Steve is currently budgeting $4000 towards the festival because of uncertainty of food donations. The financial report Steve created is available in the WPCCA Dropbox to be viewed.

Rally in the Alley Funding Request

Weinland Park resident Chester Jackson spoke with Omar to request $500 for Rally in the Alley. Last year, the WPCCA provided funds for the event.  Chester Jackson submitted a proposed budget for this year’s event to Susan Colbert.

Evelyn suggested making a flyer to publicize the Rally in the Alley event. Georgina and Evelyn will communicate with Matt Adair about designing a flyer.

Laura made a motion that we give $500 to Rally in the Alley. Evelyn and Georgina seconded. 5 voted in favor, 0 opposed, 0 abstained.

Treasurer Position

According to the election results, Ta Mika Tanyhill and Matt Martin were tied in nominations for the treasurer position. Matt Martin responded that he is not able to be treasurer due to conflict of interest with his job at the Columbus Foundation. Omar is in communication with Ta Mika, but has not received a concrete response as to whether or not she is interested in the position. Omar will be reaching out to the other individuals who were write-in nominees at the election for the treasurer position.

Mapping out Future WPCCA Monthly Meetings for the Year

Laura led us in brainstorming about mapping out monthly meetings for the year, and coming up with ideas to make WPCCA monthly meetings more interactive and fun.  Laura plans to revisit this topic during the possible Steering Committee retreat.

Omar adjourned the Steering Committee meeting at 7:57pm.