WPCCA Steering Committee Minutes March 7, 2018
Laura Bidwa
Ed Chin
Susan Colbert
Omar Elhagmusa
Rudy Frias
Lexi Holiday
Laura Kogan
Jean Pitman
Steve Sterrett
DeShawn Toney
Evelyn Van Til

Godman Guild’s T.E.E.N. – Rudy Frias

Rudy Frias discussed Godman Guild’s T.E.E.N. program, an after-school program re-established last year. The goal of the program is to support teenagers in graduating from high school and preparing for higher education and a job. Currently, 28 students, ages 13-18 and a few fifth graders, are enrolled in T.E.E.N. Approximately 20 students are from the Weinland Park neighborhood and several are from Milo Grogan. Rudy is aware of the requirement for community service for high school graduation. He is willing to consider the possibility of volunteer partnership in the future with the civic association. The program, which operates four days a week, is flexible to meet the needs and schedule of the students. They can come when they are able. The daily schedule permits teenagers to relax, get homework help and obtain a snack from 3 to 5 p.m. More structured programs are offered from 5 to 7 p.m.

  • Monday – Mentoring with young professionals
  • Tuesday – Arts and crafts
  • Wednesday
    • Job readiness
    • Health and nutrition, including how to prepare meals
  • Thursday – Throw back: board games and peer mentoring

Weinland Park Elementary School Fundraising Dance – Laura Kogan

The Weinland Park Elementary School PTO is planning a dance for students and adults on Wednesday evening, May 23, 2018. Admission will be free. Areas of the school will be set aside for dancing, food and socializing. The fundraising activities could include pictures from a photo booth, sale of food such as hot dogs and a charge for a dance with the principal. The emphasis would be both as a fundraiser and to bring residents an opportunity to connect with the Weinland Park Elementary School. The Steering Committee agreed that the civic association’s monthly meeting on May 23 should be combined with the dance and residents should be encouraged to attend the dance. Steering Committee members also agreed that funds used for childcare and food for the civic association meeting could be used instead to support the dance. Laura said the PTO members would meet March 8 in the school library to make further plans for the event.

Roots & Roofs – Evelyn Van Til

The Steering Committee selected Saturday, May 12, 2018, as the date for Roots & Roofs. The committee discussed the idea of two different events in May and June, so maintenance of the neighborhood’s seven community gardens could be better sustained. Another idea suggested was installation of signs identifying each garden, which would promote a neighborhood brand to new residents who will be moving in soon on Grant Avenue. Another suggestion was holding children’s activities in conjunction with the May and June event either through partnerships with other organizations in the neighborhood or through something similar to what is provided at the monthly civic meetings. Rather than hold a plant and mulch sale this year, one suggestion was to give coupons for discounts at Lowe’s to volunteers and residents.

Slate of Officers – Steering Committee

Members are still looking for an individual to fill the treasurer position. The Steering Committee plans to propose a slate of officers at the civic association on March 28, 2018. At that time, residents also will have the opportunity to nominate themselves or others for the ballot. If more than one person is nominated for an office, then the election will take place at the April meeting. Onboard training for officers and other Steering Committee members will occur in May.

WPCCA Constitution – Steve Sterrett

Proposed amendments to the WPCCA Constitution were shared at the February Steering Committee meeting. Steering Committee members had no further discussion on the proposed amendments and agreed that the amendments should be presented to the civic association members at the meeting on March 28 with a vote on adoption on April 25. Steering Committee members also agreed the proposed amendments should be shared through the Weinland Park Discussion in advance of March 28, so residents will have the opportunity to review them.

Other Updates – Steve Sterrett

  • A check for $1,696 from the University District Organization deposited in the civic association’s checking account. The funds had been contributed to UDO by individuals interested in supporting the civic association.
  • Financial support for Zumba for the remainder of 2018 likely will be provided by the Lower Lights Community Health Center. Steve has told Julie Orban that the Weinland Park Collaborative will provide funds for Zumba in March, if needed.
  • The annual premium of $500 for a commercial general liability policy to cover the civic association was paid on March 7, 2018. The policy (#CWP-0244185) is through Westfield Insurance. The insurance agent is Jeff Powers with McCormick Reinmuth Insurance Agency.
  • Steve has confirmed with Susan Colbert the financial support for the Community Connectors.