Steering Committee Notes 6.12.18

In attendance at the meeting:

  • Laura Bidwa
  • Omar Elhagmusa
  • Lydia Yoder
  • Matt Adair
  • Jennifer Cheeks
  • Kauwe Caldwell
  • Georgina Stevenson

Meeting officially started at 6:40pm


  • Growing Weinland Park- Omar shared feedback that a few elderly residents expressed to him their disappointment that no yard work assistance was offered at this year’s Roots and Roofs event. Veritas church had been spearheading this effort in previous years. For Roots and Roofs 2019 event, Omar suggested we make an effort to make sure the yard work assistance is available for our elderly neighbors.
  • FLOW update- Laura Bidwa is in contact with FLOW. Laura suggested that we look for places in Weinland Park that are in need of trees, make note of it and request the homeowner/tenant to request a tree, or ask their permission to give their address and contact information to FLOW. The tree can be planted in either the front or back yard of a property. Email Kennedy Gardner for tree requests: [email protected]
  • Retreat-There will be no retreat for the Steering Committee.
  • Committee Chairs- Laura Bidwa is in contact with the chairs of the WPCCA committees to see their interest/availability in continued involvement.


Laura Bidwa proposed that those interested in weighing in on which WPCCA website to use (WordPress or Squarespace) meet together. The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 17 at 6:30pm at the Northside Library. The outcome of this meeting will be brought before the Steering Committee before a final decision is made.

Treasurer Position

Laura Bidwa collected all the information from previous WPCCA treasurers, Ross Antonacci and Abigail Hartung. Laura and Omar continue to search for someone to fill this position.

Rally in the Alley Update

Rally in the Alley took place on Saturday, June 2. Jennifer Cheeks and Kauwe Caldwell were in attendance. As parents to young children, they expressed their concern that the event was not family-friendly. A talent show for kids was the definite highlight of the gathering. WPCCA contributed $500 to the event this year. The Steering Committee was in agreement that, should we continue to financially support this event, we should do more to collaborate with organizer Chester Jackson to make it more inclusive and family-friendly in the future.

Changes to Weinland Park Collaborative Meeting

Rather than meeting once a month on a morning, the Weinland Park Collaborative would like to meet once every two months either in the late afternoon or evening, in hopes of more resident participation in the meetings. Steve Sterrett requested that two Steering Committee members meet with him to help plan the next Collaborative meeting in July. The feedback those in attendance at the Steering Committee gave is that the meetings should happen in the evening or on the weekend. Omar volunteered to be involved in the planning of the July meeting for the Weinland Park Collaborative. The time of July’s meeting is yet to be determined.

June Monthly Meeting Agenda

Ice cream social

  • Possibly meeting downstairs at the Schoenbaum, and eating ice cream in the courtyard
  • Sign in sheets and name tags
  • Music-Matt Adair
  • Eat ice cream
  • Brief announcements
    -“New and good” sharing time
  • Intergenerational icebreaker game-Jennifer Cheeks