WPCCA Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
February 7, 2018
Laura Bidwa
Ed Chin
Susan Colbert
Jen Makin
Julie Orban
Jean Pitman
Steve Sterret
Georgina Stevenson

Weinland Park Signage – Laura Bidwa

We received a contribution from Weinland Park Homes, LLC, a subsidiary of The NRP Group, for $500 in support of signage identifying the Weinland Park neighborhood. The signs will be placed at: Grant Avenue & 11th Avenue, Grant Avenue & 5th Avenue, 11th Avenue & Summit Street.

Martin Weston – Jean Pitman

The Steering Committee has expressed interest in having an opportunity for Weinland Park residents to share memories of Martin Weston at the WPCCA meeting on February 28. Jean Pitman will get in touch with other people to share their memories of Martin. Julie Orban reported that Chris Orban would be happy to share his 2-hour interview with Martin on his 70th birthday for Chris’s podcast, “Life, the Universe and Everything Else.”

Agenda for the February 28th Civic Association Meeting

  • An opportunity for residents to share memories of Martin Weston.
  • Annual meeting to provide an update from the Steering Committee.
  • As a year in review, an exercise will be done to have residents rank their topics of interest and provide feedback from all the topics we had at the monthly meetings in 2017.
  • The results of the survey dot exercise will be shared with residents on what they wanted to see in 2018 and how we can implement many of the suggestions.
  • Woody Drake will provide the music at the beginning of the meeting.

Constitution Amendments

Steve Sterrett reviewed the WPCCA constitution and suggestion potential amendments to the Steering committee. We reviewed briefly and decided to open it to more discussion in the March Steering Committee meeting. Afterwards, the revisions will be present to the residents at the March civic association meeting.

Roots & Roofs

Evelyn Van Til will be able to join us at the March Steering Committee meeting where we will talk more about the details of Roots & Roofs, including the date. There has been discussion about doing it on Earth Day this year (April 22) or the first or second Saturday in May, as it has been in the past.

WPCCA Liability Insurance – Steve Sterrett

Laura moved that Steering Committee request the Weinland Park Collaborative to pay the annual premium of $500 for the liability insurance for the Civic Association and the Community Gardens be paid. Jen seconded the motion. The motion was adopted with 3 voting in favor and none voting against or voting to abstain.

Community Connectors – Susan Colbert

With the new residents coming in Grant Park, there was a vision to increase the number of Community Connectors to 12 residents in the future. These individuals have offered to help inform residents about news, information and activities in the neighborhood. After reviewing the budget proposal, the Steering Committee decided to allocate $2,220 for the Community Connectors and to review the program in 6 months to see if additional funds are needed if the Community Connects expands.

Zumba – Julie Orban

The Godman Guild is no longer able to financially support Zumba after February 28, 2018. Zumba currently has around 20 participants with many current and former Weinland Park residents attending. The program has been ongoing for 4 years. The cost for the program is $30 per week. After discussion, the members of the Steering Committee would like to see a written agreement that the Zumba program is allowed to use the space at Godman Guild. The Steering Committee made a motion to fund Zumba for 12 months beginning March 1, 2018, to February 28, 2019. The motion was adopted with 4 voting in favor and none voting against or voting to abstain.

Duties of Officers – Steve Sterrett

The description of the duties of the civic association’s officers was circulated. The nominating committee had prepared the description in 2014 and then updated it in 2016. The Steering Committee discussed whether officer duties as outlined are still accurate. We would like to update and share this document on social media and the civic association website to encourage other individuals to take on a leadership role. No edits were proposed tonight, but will the matter will be brought up again at the March Steering Committee meeting.