The Short North Parking Study currently proposes to make all street parking north of the 670 overpass on High St (“the Cap”) and 7th Ave, east of Harrison Ave/Perry St., and west of 5th Ave, a combination of time-restricted, paid parking, plus residential permit parking. The proposal went before City Council last month, and there have been a series of open houses to get public feedback.

This is important to us, because we are considering whether to extend the same plan throughout Weinland Park.

Amanda Ford, Parking Services Coordinator with the Department of Public Service, and the sole City rep who has been heading up this project, has agreed to visit us, so that we can have a conversation within our community. This will be Ms Ford’s second meeting with Weinland Park, and although we will continue to stay involved and work closely with her, this meeting is likely our last best chance for WP to be heard.

What we know so far about how the permits would work:

  • Each household would be allowed to purchase up to 2 permits for $50 each.
  • You would not be required to buy any permits, if, for instance you don’t own a car, or have off-street parking.
  • Guest passes will be available.

Resident concerns that have been registered:

  • The biggest question at-hand: Should we extend the permit parking concept being proposed up to 11th Ave?This avoids the issues of:
    1. being sandwiched between 2 paid parking districts (OSU and the remainder of the Short North)
    2. being inundated by residents of the new apartment developments who don’t want to pay extra to park in their own buildings’ garages/lots.
  • How will student housing, typically characterized by “people packing,” be parked? They are already turning their backyards into parking lots, which the Civic has historically opposed and is not supposed to be allowed by City Code. Resident, Rory Krupp is working hard to get this resolved before the permit parking would be implemented.
  • Apartment complexes with more than 4 units that have off-street parking will not be allowed to purchase permits. This avoids issue “b” above, which is currently cramping street parking in WP: apartment complexes, such as the new South of Gateway (Edwards development) on High St and 9th Ave have plenty of garage/lot parking for their residents, but charge residents additional fees to use that parking, so some of the 800 new tenants choose to use the free street parking instead.
  • Making the permits available at no-cost for those who cannot afford the extra costs. Mr. Krupp, attended the City Council meeting last month to speak on behalf of this issue.
  • Addressing parking for employees and visitors at the Schoenbaum Family Center, which is currently under-parked.
  • How exactly will visitor passes work – cost, execution, limits, shared cars or rentals, car2go,etc?

More materials: