Weinland Park Community Civic Association

Housing Committee

Summary of meeting of October 9, 2017


Laura Bidwa, Sean Storey and Matt Adair called the meeting to order at 6:05 p.m. Those present introduced themselves.

Ben Davis asked for the committee’s support for construction of a two-car garage behind the duplex at 1239-1241 N. Sixth Street. He said the city requires four off-street parking spaces for a duplex, but he contends the rear of the property can only accommodate three vehicles due to the placement of utility poles. He proposes to maintain one parking space in addition to the two-car garage. The duplex has a two-bedroom apartment on one side and a three-bedroom apartment on the other side. The garage would be behind the three-bedroom apartment. After discussion, the committee members agreed that they supported Mr. Davis’s proposal.

Ms. Bidwa distributed a draft document, “Five Things Weinland Park Neighbors Always Ask about Development Projects.” She wrote the draft to express the Housing Committee’s interest in elements of properties: front door, front porch, setbacks, roof pitches and massing, trees, and fences. The document would be distributed to developers to help them understand concerns that have been consistently raised about projects that have come before the committee. Committee members discussed the draft and, in general, committee members found the draft to be useful. One suggestion was to soften the wording. Another suggestion was to add an item about the limits to parking in the back of properties. The committee discussed the wording on fences. Another suggestion was to add wording about garages.

Erin Prosser reported Campus Partners has six duplexes in its portfolio, as well as the two community gardens. She said Campus Partners may engage a consultant to help Mr. Storey and Jen Mankin investigate their idea for the renovation of the duplexes.

Michael Nelligan and Ms. Bidwa provided an update to the illegal paving of the parking lot behind the Lantern Square Apartments owned by Home Team Properties. Ms. Bidwa said the University Impact District Review Board has approved a landscaping plan for parking lot, but there is no specific timetable for remediation of the parking lot and implementation of the landscaping plan. She encouraged residents to be vigilant that Home Team is making progress on the remediation.

Kerry Reeds and Matt Adair of the Neighborhood Design Center led the second in a series of three discussions of the opportunities study for commercial properties in Weinland Park. They asked committee members to complete a questionnaire that suggested categories of uses and potentially specific uses for a number of properties zoned commercial. Committee members also weighed in on the building masses that would be appropriate for Weinland Park.

The meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m.


Summary prepared by Steve Sterrett.