Attendance: Laura Bidwa, Erin Prosser, Greg Davis, Steve Sterrett, Donna Madlener, Woody Drake, Evelyn Van Til, CJ Hodge, Matt Adair, Chris Micciche, Chad Ketler, Terry Fahy, Brian Williams, and Sean Storey

Laura Bidwa, committee co-chair, called the meeting to order shortly after 6 p.m.

Parking. Ms. Bidwa reported that Matt Adair and she had attended the city’s recent summit on its proposed Short North parking plan. She encouraged all residents to express their opinion about the parking proposal through attendance at the city’s public meetings and through the city’s online site for comments:

Apartment building. Ms. Bidwa reported the University Impact District Review Board required that Buckeye Real Estate maintain the houses on East 11th Avenue, but permitted construction of an apartment building on the sliver of land behind the houses and east of South Campus Gateway. The Housing Committee had discussed the proposal at its meeting in February.

Carryout properties. Chad Ketler, president of Community Properties of Ohio, said he is open to neighborhood input on the future of the D&J carryout property on North Fourth Street at East Eighth Avenue. He said Campus Partners had originally purchased the property and transferred it to CPO as a way to deal with a public safety problem. He said CPO doesn’t have the resources to renovate the property, but is looking for a partner interested in the renovation. Mr. Ketler said he is open to potentially selling the property.

Erin Prosser said Campus Partners has talked with a number of retail operators and developers about redevelopment of the Kelly’s carryout property at North Fourth and East 11th Avenue. She said the buried tanks at the Kelly’s site likely will cost $300,000 to remove, which is a barrier to redevelopment.

Committee members discussed the two carryout locations. Several members suggested the D&J building is appropriate to be preserved. Others suggestions were to list the property as available for lease to determine what interest there may be in the property and to contact Community Development for All People about its business of a fresh-food deli on the South Side. Mr. Ketler said he will get information on the current condition of the D&J building and will report back for the next monthly meeting.

Historic preservation. Ms. Bidwa reported the city’s historic preservation officer has very recently retired. Evelyn Van Til said the German Village Society has prepared a letter asking that, when the city refills the position of historic preservation officer, the role of the historic preservation office be broadened. Ms. Bidwa suggested the historic preservation office should provide resources to neighborhoods not designated as historic districts and to assist with specific historic buildings. The German Village Society is asking for a second position in the historic preservation office. Ms. Van Til moved that the Housing Committee sign on to the German Village Society letter and request that Weinland Park be represented in a meeting with the city’s Planning Administrator Kevin Wheeler and Development Director Steve Schoeny. The motion was adopted.

New house. Terry Fahey is in contract to buy the vacant lot at 1475 N. Fifth Street from Campus Partners. He previously renovated a house in Harrison West and constructed a house in Clintonville. He told the Housing Committee that he is planning to begin construction in the fall of a single-family home in Weinland Park with three bedrooms, a full basement and a garage-carriage house in the back. One committee member suggested if Mr. Fahey needs any variances from the city for his construction, he should start the variance process soon because the process can take a number of months.

Duplexes. Erin Prosser of Campus Partners reported on the six duplexes. She reported the city is considering a community land trust. The duplexes could be part of the community land trust. Ms. Prosser suggested a preparing a matrix of possibilities for the duplexes. The committee discussed the possibilities for the duplexes. The committee agreed to discuss the priorities for the duplexes at the next monthly meeting. Ms. Prosser agreed to develop a matrix, share it with committee co-chairs in advance of the next meeting, and then bring it to the next committee meeting. She said the matrix will help the committee determine its priorities for who might live in the duplexes and whether the properties might be targeted for affordable rental property, homeownership, etc.

The business of the Housing Committee being concluded, Ms. Bidwa adjourned the meeting at 7:30 p.m.

Summary prepared by Steve Sterrett.