Short North Parking Study – March 16 2017 Meeting Notes

We had a good initial conversation with Amanda Ford on Thursday. We will continue the conversation in April at the WPCCA Monthly Meeting on April 26 at 6:30. There will be food and child care.

To learn more about the Proposed Short North Parking Pilot Program, please also attend one of the upcoming events (listed below). These are opportunities to learn more about the parking proposal and provide feedback.

  • March 22, 2017 at 5:00 p.m.: Councilmember Shannon Hardin will convene the Public Service and Transportation Committee for a public hearing in Columbus City Council Chambers. Public Service will provide a complete overview of the proposal. Those wishing to comment at the hearing will need to complete a speaker slip and will have three minutes to speak on the proposal.
  • There are three open houses scheduled at this time. This will be an opportunity to talk with city staff, working group members and neighbors about the proposal and provide feedback.
  • Thursday, March 30, 2017 from 5:30pm – 7:30pm at the Goodale Park Shelterhouse.
  • Tuesday, April 4, 2017 from 5:30pm – 7:30pm in the Junior Achievement Gym, 68 E. 2nd Ave.
  • Wednesday, April 12, 2017 from 5:30pm – 7:30pm at the King Avenue United Methodist Church, 299 King Ave

This will directly affect anyone in WP who lives between East 5th and East 7th avenues, as well as those of us who live in the immediately adjacent blocks — which will become the “free” parking right next to metered/permitted areas.

Key elements from neighborhood conversation on March 16:

  • we think the plan must cover up to 11th Ave, or all of WP, as it’s odd the zones don’t correspond to neighborhood boundaries, which would simplify maps and understanding where permits allow you park, also failing to cover to 11th will leave most of Weinland Park vulnerable to visitor parking. We all stick together.
  • this plan has no impact on off-street parking
  • this plan has no requirement to buy permits if you don’t have a car (only 17% of WP has a car)
  • We favor reducing car ownership and increasing pedestrian, cycling & walkability
  • We suggest using Gateway & Convention Center parking for park & ride – I personally add that it would be cool to see COTA with OSU and the city to acquire CABS and combine services to heighten transit service connecting our area in the short north with downtown and campus
  • We support a fee waiver for qualified applicants with simplified documentation like SNAP, TANF, etc
  • partnering with CRIS, CPO & others to get recommendations on services to minimize impact on immigrants & refugees
  • support for Benefit District concept to funnel funds back to area to support transit initiatives, parking signage and enforcement fir area (funds will not go to general fund or spend outside area)
  • importance of public engagement throughout the Pilot and implementation phase to keep resident perspective at fore

Attending the open houses and April 26 Weinland Park Community Civic Association meeting to learn more and provide more feedback will be very important given the initial limited scope of the study and inability of the study to keep pace with development and pressures on parking

Your voice in this matters. Initiatives like this pilot study do not come from the city frequently and as a pilot there are opportunities to tweak the solution as we go.

There are many developments coming Weinland Park that will increase density. So. Even if you are not experiencing more cars on the street than we used to, you will.

This plan seems like a solid start, but we need you to make it better for our neighbors.

Learn more:…/proposed-short-north-pilot-prog…/

*** Additional note on permits and guest passes:

If I correctly understand it, each household may purchase a maximum of 2 residence passes. Each household gets 2 visitor passes for street parking. This does not impact off street parking. No one is required to get a permit, if they do not have a car or use only off street parking.

Short term visitors have 3 hours on street parking. No pass needed.

Meters must be observed, but that’s not new.

Street parking with no permits or restrictions are vulnerable to parking pressures from OSU, Short North and Fairgrounds parking. As safety concerns ease, more people are comfortable parking in WP.

*** Additional note on CampusParc:

When OSU sold their parking management to CampusParc, the agreement forbid OSU from doing anything that would reduce the number of cars trying to park in or around campus. No transit promotions, subsidies, or anything else for employees, students, or contractors.

Short North Parking Study 2017 Overview

The Short North Parking Study currently proposes to make all street parking north of the 670 overpass on High St (“the Cap”) and 7th Ave, east of Harrison Ave/Perry St., and west of 5th Ave, a combination of time-restricted, paid parking, plus residential permit parking. The proposal went before City Council last month, and there have been a series of open houses to get public feedback.

This is important to us, because we are considering whether to extend the same plan throughout Weinland Park.

Amanda Ford, Parking Services Coordinator with the Department of Public Service, and the sole City rep who has been heading up this project, has agreed to visit us, so that we can have a conversation within our community. This will be Ms Ford’s second meeting with Weinland Park, and although we will continue to stay involved and work closely with her, this meeting is likely our last best chance for WP to be heard.

What we know so far about how the permits would work:

  • Each household would be allowed to purchase up to 2 permits for $50 each.
  • You would not be required to buy any permits, if, for instance you don’t own a car, or have off-street parking.
  • Guest passes will be available.

Resident concerns that have been registered:

  • The biggest question at-hand: Should we extend the permit parking concept being proposed up to 11th Ave?This avoids the issues of:
    1. being sandwiched between 2 paid parking districts (OSU and the remainder of the Short North)
    2. being inundated by residents of the new apartment developments who don’t want to pay extra to park in their own buildings’ garages/lots.
  • How will student housing, typically characterized by “people packing,” be parked? They are already turning their backyards into parking lots, which the Civic has historically opposed and is not supposed to be allowed by City Code. Resident, Rory Krupp is working hard to get this resolved before the permit parking would be implemented.
  • Apartment complexes with more than 4 units that have off-street parking will not be allowed to purchase permits. This avoids issue “b” above, which is currently cramping street parking in WP: apartment complexes, such as the new South of Gateway (Edwards development) on High St and 9th Ave have plenty of garage/lot parking for their residents, but charge residents additional fees to use that parking, so some of the 800 new tenants choose to use the free street parking instead.
  • Making the permits available at no-cost for those who cannot afford the extra costs. Mr. Krupp, attended the City Council meeting last month to speak on behalf of this issue.
  • Addressing parking for employees and visitors at the Schoenbaum Family Center, which is currently under-parked.
  • How exactly will visitor passes work – cost, execution, limits, shared cars or rentals, car2go,etc?

More materials:

2015 Neighborhood Pride in WP! Monday, September 14th – Friday, 18th


Street Cleaning is scheduled during Pride Week. Please be sure to move all vehicles from the North and East sides of streets on Thu, Sep 17, and from the South and West sides on Fri, Sep 18.

cbusPride2015LogoOur neighborhoods are the soul of our City, and we expect them
to be safe, clean, and free of blight.

Mark your calendars: Neighborhood Pride week is just around the corner. A whirlwind week of community-building and engagement, this a huge opportunity to make the most of City of Columbus resources and demonstrate your love for Weinland Park.

2015 Neighborhood Pride Schedule of Events
2015 Neighborhood Pride Programming
City of Columbus Neighborhood Pride web site

It all happens at the Neighborhood Pride Service Center:

Martin Janis Center, 600 E 11th Ave

Monday – Friday, 9:30am – 4:30pm

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University Area Commission Zoning Agenda – September 8, 2015

Projects in/concerning WP:

1530 Grant, near 5th, behind Grace Baptist – vote on proposal for retail food service, possibly a hookah bar

Taco Bell, 9th and High – Presentation on upcoming redevelopment

114 E 5th Avenue, A1 Auto on northwest corner – Presentation on low – rise mixed use building

Public comment is welcome and encouraged.

Now subscribe to UAC email updates for all agendas and meeting notes:

University District Organization

Founded to work toward the stabilization and revitalization of the University District, comprised of 13 neighborhoods, the UDO is governed by representatives from community groups, social service agencies, businesses, churches, local government, and institutions.

Primarily a planning organization, the UDO acts as a liaison between the City of Columbus, The Ohio State University, and University District neighborhoods to coordinate community improvement projects. It also seeks funding to implement projects that improve the livability of the district and engage residents in neighborhood participation. The UDO provides information and referral services to residents, potential residents, community organizations, and business owners.


University Area Commission

The University Area Commission (UAC) was established by Columbus City Council in 1972 in order to “afford additional voluntary citizen participation in decision-making in an advisory capacity and to facilitate communication, understanding, and cooperation between neighborhood groups, city officials, and developers.” As part of District 3, Weinland Park is represented on the commission by 3 residents.

Find out more at the UAC’s web site,

Weinland Park Collaborative


The Weinland Park Collaborative is a distinctly separate entity from the Weinland Park Community Civic Association. A partnership of more than a dozen agencies and organizations, the Collaborative engages the residents and Civic Association members in order to learn what people believe can best improve their neighborhood. The member agencies and organizations coordinate and jointly support a variety of projects to leverage assets and meet needs.

Read more about the Collaborative on The Columbus Foundation’s website.

2013 Progress Report

Read about the organization and its work since it was founded in 2010. With lots of wonderful photos of the neighborhood, and plenty of general information about our community, this is worth a look!

2013 Weinland Park Collaborative Progress Report

Wexner Center for the Arts

The Wexner Center for the Arts has collaborated on a number of projects that connect Weinland Park residents with museum educators and a variety of artists that have both local and international reach. Our community is home to many artists of all sort; we value the Arts, and the Wex gives our residents the opportunity to demonstrate these values on a large scale.

Past efforts have included:

  • Weinland Park Billboard – launched in June 2015, designed to “take back” the images and messages conveyed at a key gateway of the community for one year
  • The Weinland Park Story Book – published in 2014, this hand-illustrated, limited-edition publication tells some of the joyful, funny, heartbreaking, and poignant stories and impressions of this vibrant area as it experiences both the benefits and challenges of rapid change and gentrification.
  • Red Circle – started in 2013, facilitates free arts activities for neighborhood families.
  • Annual participation in the Weinland Park Festival
  • The Builders Association’s multimedia theatrical production HOUSE / DIVIDED, a show about the mortgage crisis that integrated stories from Weinland Park; it premiered at the Wex in 2011 and toured nationally.

Find photos, media, and more info at