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Short North Parking Study 2017 Overview

The Short North Parking Study currently proposes to make all street parking north of the 670 overpass on High St (“the Cap”) and 7th Ave, east of Harrison Ave/Perry St., and west of 5th Ave, a combination of...

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University District Organization

Founded to work toward the stabilization and revitalization of the University District, comprised of 13 neighborhoods, the UDO is governed by representatives from community groups, social service agencies, businesses, churches,...

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University Area Commission

The University Area Commission (UAC) was established by Columbus City Council in 1972 in order to “afford additional voluntary citizen participation in decision-making in an advisory capacity and to facilitate...

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Weinland Park Collaborative

A partnership of more than a dozen agencies and organizations, the Collaborative engages the residents and Civic Association members in order to learn what people believe can best improve their neighborhood. The member agencies and organizations coordinate and jointly support a variety of projects to leverage assets and meet needs.

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Wexner Center for the Arts

The Wexner Center for the Arts has collaborated on a number of projects that connect Weinland Park residents with museum educators and a variety of artists that have both local and international reach. Our community is home to...

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Our Officers

President -Omar Elhagmusa
Vice President -Laura Bidwa
Secretary – Lydia Yoder
Treasurer – Rich Machinski (interim)