Duties of the President
The President of the WPCCA is an important advocate and representative of Weinland Park. The role of the President is to advocate for the good of all Weinland Park residents, businesses, employees, and organizations.

  1. Preside over all WPCCA meetings (general, board and special)
  2. Prepare an agenda for all WPCCA meetings. Contact and schedule guest speakers for the general membership meetings
  3. Coordinate the activities of the WPCCA; appoint chairpersons to the committees formed and Neighborhood Festival/National Night Out
  4. Communicate to the committees and general membership as required by events
  5. Represent the WPCCA to the community, government agencies and other organizations (City of Columbus, Stakeholders in WP, Collaborators, etc.), Maintain relationship with residents, Attend meetings through the city representing WPCCA
  6. Any additional duties as determined by the officers
  7. Maintain the integrity of the WPCCA

Ahmed Ebady

2014ebadyLives in 1400 block of Indianola Avenue. Qualifications: Participated in the civic association since its beginnings; held the position of treasurer and Housing Committee chair; assisted in some other committees; also university area commissioner representing Weinland Park.


Omar Elhagmusa

2014elhagmusaLives in 1200 block of North Fifth Street. Qualifications:

  • I’ve made WP my home and intend to live here long term
  • Chaired the WP Housing Committee for the past two years
  • Instituted a tree planting campaign in WP
  • Advocated for broadening the range of housing options in our neighborhood
  • Worked with City officials to help address concerns of residents of WP
  • Manage the local Huntington Bank in the South Campus Gateway where we service the financial needs of the WP community
  • I have been fortunate to be able to employ individuals from the neighborhood
  • Assist with financial literacy training through OSU Extension
  • Assist with homebuyer education in partnership with OSU Extension
  • Served as a consultant for Every Citizen Online teaching basic computer skills
  • Helped plan and execute multiple neighborhood cleanup efforts in the past 5 years
  • Started a block club for 5th Street to keep neighbors informed about different events and listen to their concerns


Brandyn McElroy

2014mcelroyLives in 1200 block of Summit Street. Qualifications: As a resident of
Weinland Park, among the many qualifications, I bring experience as a leader of the Southside Area Commission, and leader of the Mayor’s Coalition for a Nonviolent Columbus. I currently serve as the co-chair of the Safety/Mobility
Committee, and I am a commissioner on the University Area Commission. I have strong relationships with the Mayor’s Office, the mayor’s executive management team, as well as City Council. I understand the need to represent the community in its entirety, which includes those who are otherwise unable to participate in the civic process. I have a true love for the Weinland Park community and look to forward to helping it grow and
further thrive in what is our community’s revival. The skills, abilities, passion and commitment I have for our neighborhood, as well as the City of Columbus, I believe will help me to lead and represent our neighborhood.


Vice President

Duties of the Vice President

  1. Preside over all WPCCA meetings in the absence of the president
  2. Serve as interim president in the event of a vacancy in the presidency until the next  general election
  3. Assist the president in coordinating the activities of the WPCCA
  4. Help with food preparations for the public meetings
  5. Coordinate with local church to help the older members of the neighborhood in their needs
  6. Communicate the needs of the neighbors to the WPCCA
  7. Assist the president in coordinating the activities of the WPCCA
  8. Any additional duties as determined by the officers
  9. Maintain the integrity of the WPCCA


Jennifer Mankin

2014mankinLives in 1500 block of Hamlet
Street. Qualifications: As a resident of Weinland Park, Jennifer brings the passion, concern,
deportment, and integrity needed for the office of Vice President. Jennifer’s commitment began with regular attendance
to the civic meetings, her participation in the Safety Committee, her leadership as chair of the Communication committee, as well as her participation in the Community Conversations. She also recently committed to serve as a district commissioner for the University Area Commission. Jennifer brings a high level of leadership skills, an ability to work with all stakeholders and residents in our neighborhood, as well as commitment on the Collaborative’s Communications Committee. The skills and abilities Jennifer brings to this office are vitally needed to serve as Vice
President of the WPCCA. (Text prepared by person who nominated Ms. Mankin.)



Duties of the Treasurer

  1. Maintain a current record of the financial transactions of the WPCCA and provide a report of the financial balance as requested by the officers.
  2. Serve as interim vice-president in the event of a vacancy in the vice-presidency until the  next general election
  3. Deposit all monies collected into a bank account in the name of the WPCCA
  4. Pay all bills incurred by the WPCCA as approved by the officers.
  5. Maintain a current list of dues-paying members
  6. Any additional duties as determined by the officers
  7. Maintain the integrity of the WPCCA


Laura Bidwa

2014bidwaLives in 1300 block of Hamlet Street. Qualifications: I’ve gained experience as a civic association leader over the past 7 years by serving as vice president and safety committee chair. I’ve also been a very active member of the housing and communications committees, and I’ve
attended meetings of every other committee. Through my neighborhood work outside the civic association, I have good relationships with the organizations that currently serve as fiscal agents for civic association funds. I am very comfortable with math and with reading financial statements, and I have about 15 years of experience with grant management, which should be helpful in supporting the different grants the civic receives funding from.



Duties of the Secretary

  1. Provide the WPCCA steering committee with a copy of minutes of all general and steering  committee meetings; provide members of WPCCA with a copy of minutes of general meeting
  2. Serve as interim treasurer in the event of a vacancy in the treasurer’s office until the next
  3. general election
  4. Maintain an up-to-date list of members attending WPCCA general membership meetings; send members a reminder email for public meetings
  5. Assist President in preparing an agenda for the public meetings
  6. Set up welcome table at meetings with sign-in sheets and general information
  7. Any additional duties as determined by the officers
  8. Maintain the integrity of the WPCCA


Kimberly Golden

Information not available. Come to the April 23 meeting to meet the nominees! Check the website for updates.



* WPCCA public meetings are the fourth Wednesday of every month. WPCCA Steering Committee meets the second Wednesday every month. WP Collaborative meets the third Wednesday (am) every month. All officers are expected to attend these meetings.