Article I – Name

The name of this organization shall be the Weinland Park Community Civic Association. The Weinland Park neighborhood is defined by the boundaries of High Street to the west, Fifth Avenue to the south, the railroad tracks to the east, and the east-west alley north of Chittenden Avenue to the north.

Article II – Mission and Purpose

The mission and purpose of the Weinland Park Community Civic Association is to proactively engage all community stakeholders in working together to improve the quality of life in the Weinland Park neighborhood and to advocate on behalf of all stakeholders in the Weinland Park neighborhood, including area residents, property owners, business owners and their employees, community and faith-based organization and their constituencies to external entities such as federal, state and local government, private corporations, educational institutions, and other community organizations whose business and operations will have an impact on the Weinland Park neighborhood.

Article III – Governing Body

Section 1: Governing Body. The Weinland Park Community Civic Association shall be governed by its members. Matters of policy and decision-making concerning the direction of the association will always be presented to the members to be voted upon. The members shall elect officers, consisting of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Officers will serve two-year terms. If re-elected, officers may serve two consecutive terms, but officers may not serve more than two consecutive terms.

Sub-section 1(a): The WPCCA Steering Committee shall be comprised of the four elected officers and the chairs of all standing committees. The Steering Committee will be responsible for setting agendas for WPCCA meetings and making recommendations to the members.

Sub-section 1(b): The president with the concurrence of the WPCCA Steering Committee shall appoint the chairs of all standing committees. Standing committee chairs shall serve one-year terms. Committee chairs may be reappointed to serve no more than six consecutive terms, as chair of the same committee.

Sub-section 1(c): Officers and standing committee chairs must maintain regular attendance at the civic association’s membership meetings. Three unexcused absences in a row or the failure to attend a majority of membership meetings in a 12-month period may be cause for removal from office by a vote of the members.

Sub-section 1(d): At least 60 percent of the Steering Committee membership must be comprised of members of the civic association.

Sub-section 1(e): Members of the Steering Committee shall not receive or be paid any compensation by the association for serving as members.

Section 2: Membership. Membership in the Weinland Park Community Civic Association is open to anyone whose primary residence is in the Weinland Park neighborhood as defined in Article I. After attending one monthly membership meeting and completing a membership form, a resident will be eligible to vote at the next meeting. Although voting at monthly membership meetings is limited to residents who are members, these meetings are open to anyone. No one shall be discriminated against based on race, religion, age, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability, political beliefs or economic status.

Section 3: Election of Officers. Officers of the civic association will be elected in even-numbered years by the members of the Weinland Park Community Civic Association. The President will appoint a Nominating Committee that will offer a slate of candidates at the monthly membership meeting in March of even-numbered years. Any member may nominate a candidate from the floor. Election of officers will be held at the monthly membership meeting in April in even-numbered years.

Section 4: Representation of the civic association. Only elected officers or persons designated by the president may speak on behalf of the civic association in any public forum regarding any public matter, issue or concern.

Section 5: Vacancies and absences. Should a vacancy occur among the Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer positions, the President may appoint a member to fill that position until an election can be held at a membership meeting. Any member may nominate a member to fill the unexpired term. If the President resigns or is unable to fulfill his or he duties, then the Vice President shall become President and serve the remainder of the term. The President then shall appoint a new Vice President to serve until an election for Vice President can be held at a membership meeting.

Section 6: Voting. Each member shall have one vote. A majority vote shall govern the implementation of policies, programs and changes to the organization, except as otherwise provided by the constitution.

Sub-section 6(a): Endorsements and recommendations. All voting to endorse or recommend action regarding issues or concerns, including proposed amendments to the constitution, brought to the WPCCA by entities internal or external to the Weinland Park neighborhood shall be presented according to the following format:

  1. The issue or concern will be placed formally on the agenda of an upcoming membership meeting and will be made known to the general public according to established protocol.
  2. A designated person will present the issue or concern at the scheduled meeting and will provide any supporting documents, including contact information for those who wish to receive further information about the issue or concern.
  3. An official vote on the issue or concern will be placed on the agenda of the next regularly scheduled membership meeting. Those members who are unable to be present for the official vote may register their vote with the Steering Committee in writing prior to the scheduled date of the vote.

Sub-section 6(b): The Steering Committee shall have the authority to prepare letters of support for other groups, organizations and causes on behalf of the Weinland Park Community Civic Association without prior approval from the members.

Section 7: Quorum. No specific number shall be required for a quorum for a membership meeting provided that notification of the meeting’s date, time and location is made known to the members and the general public according to established protocol.

Section 8: Meetings. The Weinland Park Community Civic Association will have a meeting of members at least four times each year. The WPCCA Steering Committee shall be responsible for determining the schedule of meetings of members for the calendar year, except that the meeting of members in February of each year is designated as the association’s annual meeting. At the annual meeting, the President will report on the business of the association and the Treasurer will deliver a financial report for the previous calendar year. Notification of Steering Committee meetings and standing committee meetings will be provided in a timely fashion to all members of the Steering Committee.

Section 9: Robert’s Rules of Order. The rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern all proceedings of the meetings of the members, Steering Committee and all standing committees, except as provided in this constitution.

Article IV – Administration

The Weinland Park Community Civic Association shall be overseen by its members and shall operate within this constitution and any bylaws which may be adopted or amended from time to time. The constitution and bylaws define the responsibilities of the Steering Committee and all of the standing committees.

Section 1: Grantee and fiscal agent. The Steering Committee shall determine one or more fiscal agents for the WPCCA. The responsibilities of a fiscal agent shall be to:

  1. Be the repository of federal, state and other grant monies generated by and directed to the Weinland Park Community Civic Association, unless otherwise agreed upon by the members.
  2. Provide fiscal management and oversight as required by this constitution.
  3. Provide administrative support, including but not limited, to supplies, equipment, office space and assistance to the Weinland Park Community Civic Association, as needed.

Section 2: Committees. Committees of the Weinland Park Community Civic Association shall meet when necessary or as directed by the association’s membership. Each committee will provide a regular report of its activities at each meeting of the Steering Committee.

Sub-section 2(a): Composition. Any person may serve on a standing committee, but only members may vote on matters before the committee.

Sub-section 2(b): Standing committees. The members of the Weinland Park Community Civic Association shall establish or dissolve standing committees for such matters as communication, housing, public safety, beautification, festival, youth, traffic and mobility, and other matters deemed as ongoing concerns by the members. The motion to create or dissolve a standing committee shall be adopted through a three-fifth vote. The motion must be made at a membership meeting and then placed on the agenda for a vote at the next scheduled membership meeting.

Sub-section 2(c): Other committees. The WPCCA Steering Committee may establish or dissolve ad hoc or temporary committees for a limited purpose or time period as it deems necessary.

Article V – Amendments

The members may propose, study and then adopt amendments to this constitution through a three-fourths vote. An amendment may be properly voted upon if it has been announced and recorded at the previous membership meeting and then placed on the agenda for the next scheduled meeting of the members. Notification of the meeting during which the vote will be taken must be distributed to the members at least one week in advance of the meeting. Amendments become effective immediately upon approval by the members.