Weinland Park Evaluation Project – December 2, 2010

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The Weinland Park Evaluation survey was created in response to a need for comprehensive baseline data that would set the foundation for tracking changes in the neighborhood overtime, and a needs assessment of residents to be used to guide programmatic development.

A random geographically stratified sampling technique was used to recruit participants, and a $20 Kroger gift card was used as an incentive to participate. The boundaries of the neighborhood included High Street on the West, the CSX Railroad Tracks/Grant on the East, Chittenden Avenue on the North, and Fifth Avenue on the South. Sampling was accomplished by visiting every third house or housing unit and continuing to recycle through parts of the neighborhood until a 25% threshold was reached. The survey was conducted in an interview format. Two surveyors (from a diverse team of 9) met each respondent at a location of their choice, typically the respondent’s home. The interview included ~150 questions and took 45 minutes to 1½ hours to complete, and covered the following topics: 1)
Demographics, 2) Housing and Mobility, 3) Access to Basic Needs, 4) Neighbor Interaction, 5) Personal Interests and Community Involvement, 6) Public Safety, 7) Workforce Development, 8) Education and Child Development, 9) Use of Computers and Media, 10) Economic Well‐Being, 11) Health, 12) Feedback about the Neighborhood, and 13) Needs Assessment. Upon completion of the needs assessment, residents were asked if they would like information about specific resources in the area. A Weinland Park resource list was created for this purpose. A member of the evaluation team, currently a graduate student of social work, followed up with residents of great need, and helped them overcome obstacles to receiving services.

A total of 441 Weinland Park residents were interviewed, a sample representing 26% of Weinland Park households. A total of 217 residents declined to be interviewed. The number of vacant housing units was found to total 313. Because numbers reported in results represent about ¼ of the total households, percentages are the main focus to aid in interpreting findings.

Read: Full Report

Our Officers

President – Omar Elhagmusa
Vice President – Laura Bidwa
Secretary – Lydia Yoder
Treasurer – Chris Micciche

Progress made in Weinland Park