The Weinland Park Collaborative

The Weinland Park Collaborative (WPC) is a partnership involving public, non-profit, philanthropic, civic and educational organizations and businesses working collaboratively to improve the quality of life in the Weinland Park neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio.

Launched formally in 2010, the WPC leads a people- and place-based initiative with a broad approach to urban neighborhood revitalization. In consultation with neighborhood residents, the WPC’s partner organizations have supported programs and activities in housing, public safety, education, employment, health, youth development, and resident engagement.

The WPC is not incorporated and has only one part-time staff member. Its work is carried out through its partner agencies and organizations. Each partner retains its own resources and decision-making, but is informed by the work of other partners and the neighborhood’s needs.

The WPC has worked closely with the Weinland Park Community Civic Association and other neighborhood groups to support resident engagement in Weinland Park’s transformation to a true mixed-income neighborhood and to create opportunities for volunteer service and recreation that build a sense of community.

Vision for the Weinland Park Collaborative

The Weinland Park Collaborative is a flexible and evolving structure for establishing and achieving common, agreed-upon goals for the revitalization of the Weinland Park neighborhood and addressing problems that pose obstacles to success.  This will happen through:

  1. Collaboration among funder, implementer, and resident organizations
  2. Coordination of funder investments and neighborhood revitalization activities
  3. Communication and information-sharing among members and with neighborhood residents, elected officials, and other key stakeholders
  4. Tracking and documenting collaborative and neighborhood outcomes, results, and lessons learned

See the Weinland Park Collaborative partner agencies and organizations.

June 2017 Newsletter

Welcome to the Weinland Park Collaborative’s Inaugural Newsletter
In 2009, The Columbus Foundation partnered with six other funders to form what soon became the Weinland Park Collaborative.
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What is Weinland Park?
Weinland Park is an urban neighborhood of about 4,800 residents that’s adjacent to the campus of The Ohio State University and about one mile north of downtown Columbus.
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Survey Shows Conditions In and Residents’ Perceptions of Weinland Park are Improving
With support from The Columbus Foundation, the Weinland Park Collaborative commissioned neighborhood surveys in 2010 and 2016.
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Columbus Metropolitan Club Program Addressed “Lessons from Weinland Park"
The Columbus Metropolitan Club gave the Weinland Park Collaborative a forum to talk about the changes that have occurred in Weinland Park over the past few years.
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Weinland Park Gets New Berry Patch Park
Residents of Weinland Park will be able to enjoy free fresh fruit from the neighborhood’s new Berry Patch at the corner of North 4th Street and East 11th Avenue.
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Parents Anonymous Supports Parents in Weinland Park
Parenting is a tough job for anyone. But it can be particularly difficult for people dealing with health problems, domestic violence, limited resources and other challenging issues.
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Principal and Teachers Bring Distinction to Weinland Park Elementary School
Weinland Park Elementary School is on the cusp of a significant turn-around in the academic performance of its students thanks to the dedicated efforts of its principal, teaching staff and neighborhood partners.
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In Memoriam: Joyce Hughes
Weinland Park lost a beloved resident in the passing of Joyce Hughes in March.
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Local Media Coverage for Weinland Park
Both the Columbus Dispatch and Columbus Business First ran stories about the results of the neighborhood survey and the CMC panel discussion.
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